At my salon, I regularly hold kinbaku gathering according to the purpose.

個人依頼 Personal request


Only the client can enjoy KANO’s kinbaku. I will do my best to suit your experience and taste, so please open the door of your heart and expose yourself. It is also possible for partners to tour. In that case, please let us know in advance. I also support shooting. Please bring your favorite costumes and underwear.

昵懇会 Close partner


Read “Jikkonkai”. Jikkon means “a good relationship that is already open and close, but does not neglect each other.” It is a meeting for a small number of people to enjoy kinbaku with each other, mainly for experienced people. Please enjoy a relaxing and chilling time.

緊縛講習会 Tied up class


This is a beginner’s class for those who want to bondage from now on and those who have just started and do not know what to do. This is a course for you to learn etiquette, attitude, how to handle ropes, basic tying methods and patterns, rather than simply learning how to tie. Participation by either the tying person or the receiving person is possible. I think there are many workshops where you can learn how to tie up, but you will also talk about how to receive the rope, so please feel free to contact me.