At my salon, I’m also particular about ropes to bind your precious body. The hemp rope I use is made by my salon original, and I purchase high-quality domestic hemp rope from a long-established wholesaler and dyed it with the cooperation of a long-established factory and gathering the knowledge and skill of skilled craftsmen. Exactly it is a gem. In addition, the dyed rope is carefully burning fluffed and the oil is filled with domestic camellia oil. You can enjoy it by paying attention to the touch and scent when touching the skin, and the beauty of appearance.


Currently, in addition to the natural hemp rope, dyed rope is available in four colors.

= 漆黒 Jet Black =


It is also called pure black and refers to true black. You can enjoy the world view of SM wrapped in darkness without feeling the existence of light with a rope expressing deep darkness.

= 猩猩緋 Scarlet =


” Syojyo ” is a fantasy creature of China, the most reddish red dyed with the blood of ” Syojyo ” is called the scarlet. It is also famous that Nobunaga and Hideyoshi tailored ” Jin Haori ” in this color, the color that represents the highest authority.

= 藤納戸 Wisteria =


Named after Wisteria’s vigorous vitality and rich aroma, with mauve color that was loved as a noble color centering around the Heian period, combining the typical storage colors that were popular in the Edo period, it is a symbol of a noble woman.

= 藍喝色 Navy blue =


A traditional color that is often used for armor as it is read as ” Aikachi-iro ” and leads to ” Kachi = Win “. It shows a prestigious and heroic strength, such as the national treasure, ” Konitoodoshi-no-ooyoroi “.